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 Municipal pipeline
1.high-density polyethylene (HDPE) has excellent chemical stability, resistance to aging and resistance to environmental stress cracking performance, wide temperature range, strong pressure. And has good mechanical properties.
2.the chemical stability. As the HDPE molecule has no polarity, so the chemical stability, except for a few strong oxidant, the most damaging effects of chemical media can not afford them. Do not breed bacteria does not scale, its
 Plumbing pipe fittings
PP-R hot and cold water, hot and cold water in polypropylene tubes used in heat transfer engineering welding technology, its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators better than galvanized pipe, UPVC pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, cross-linked polyethylene pipe and polyethylene butene tube, is the leading European and American developed countries, water supply pipe products.
 Auto parts industry
Auto parts manufacturing in China to promote the development of circular economy, accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society is one important measure. Also developed the car market in general to take measures. Developed countries in Europe and America, used machinery and electronic products manufacturing for decades and then the history of development, which accounted for remanufactured engine repair parts